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Estimating Your Long-Distance Transport Cost

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What is the cost of a long-distance move? Here, you can estimate the transport cost of your move. This will prepare you for discussion of an actual quote with the mover.

Most long-distance movers estimate your cost at about $1 per pound of goods moved, and consider the total weight of goods in an average room to be 1000 lb. Use this simple worksheet for a rough estimate of your long-distance move transport cost:

Household size Weight Cost
One person [student size move] 500-1500 lb. $ 500-1500
One person apartment 2000-3000 lb. $ 2000-3000
Two-person apartment 2000-3500 lb. $ 2000-3500
Two-bedroom house 4500-7000 lb. $ 4500-7000
Three-bedroom house 7000-8000 lb. $ 7000-8000
Four-bedroom house 9000-12000 lb. $ 9000-12000

Caution: Any move of a home greater than 2000 square feet is extremely difficult to estimate without an on-site inspection.

  • Exceptionally long-distance moves will incur a higher cost.
  • If you are moving from Canada to the U.S., the billing will be in American dollars.
  • Since weight will be a factor in your total cost, consider how to reduce the weight of your load.

Other move costs
Don’t forget that transport is only one of your costs. Be sure to include the other costs of moving.

Can’t afford a full-service move?
If the above estimate looks out of your range, consider ways to lower your moving cost.

Ready for a more accurate figure?
The above estimate is a rough guide only. Please click here for an actual moving quote.

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