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Moving to Sherbrooke Québec


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Located deep in the heart of Québec's Eastern townships, Sherbrooke serves as the region’s unofficial capital. The architectural heritage of Sherbrooke owes much of it’s architectural character to American loyalists who move to Sherbrooke and settled in the area after the American Revolution. More Americans followed after the British government lifted travel restrictions from the war of 1812, which allowed an influx of New Englanders

searching for cheap farmland. By 1850 roughly 100,000 English speakers [mostly displaced loyalists] lived in the area, but over the decades their influence has diminished until today, where the population is overwhelmingly French-speaking.

If you're moving to Sherbrooke today, you'll find a beautiful typically Eastern township city with a large 19th-century court house built in 1823 to serve the region. There is also the Catholic Cathedral and a very American looking Plymouth Trinity Church. The latter was built in 1848 to serve many of the American loyalists with roots in Massachusetts. There is also the Musee des Beaux-Arts de Sherbrooke, which possesses a large collection of native art as well as works by local contemporary artists. The city is also fortunate enough to contain not just one, but two major universities - the University of Sherbrooke and Bishop’s University. Instruction is given in French in the former and English in the latter.

Economically, Sherbrooke is home to the Sher-Wood Drolet Corp. Ltd., the world's largest manufacturer of hockey sticks. The city also serves as the agricultural center of the region's many dairy farms.

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